Ooooo a nice fresh page to write on…hello!



How exciting, my very first WordPress blog post!

I thought I had best introduce myself before I begin to flood the place with words…

I am Finn, the infinncible, because I just refuse to let anything stop me from becoming all I can be. Some of you may know me already from YouTube or Tumblr, where I have been sharing my journey for the last few years. My sharing has evolved a lot since the early days and I have found myself writing more in depth lately, in a way that’s more suited to here than Tumblr, so here I am!

I am still going to continue to document my journey through video and pictures and so on in my other personal sites, links to those can be found in the ‘about me’ section or via the follow button on the side bar, but writing from now on will be found here.

Looking forward to getting to know new friends and share new thoughts and ideas!


8 thoughts on “Ooooo a nice fresh page to write on…hello!

      1. I recently experimented with another of the blog hosting sites… after 7 days of posting during which I likened my foray to getting lost in a swamp (and during which time I lost a leg to an alligator…) not a single peep…
        WordPress is by far the best place to be. Trust me. In two years I have seen not a hint of swamp life here.
        Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. 😀

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