Body Swap To Cure Gender “Dysmorphia”?!

img.jpgAn Italian neuroscientist researching the possibility of human head transplants believes that the procedure could help people with gender dysmorphia

Can we just stop for a minute to take in the ridiculousness of this??!! The moral and ethical implications of this regarding the head swap as a means to lengthen life span is bad enough, but to suggest it as a solution for transgender people… really?! I had to check the date of this when I saw it, thinking April fools had come early.

This article is just perpetuating the “trapped in the wrong body” narrative. Most transgender people, myself included, do not view themselves as “in the wrong body”, rather , our bodies have grown in ways that are not congruent with our felt gender identity. With hormones and surgical interventions, our bodies can then be realigned in ways that a natural puberty would have done and we grow into our true selves. A new body would not be our true selves.

This quote particularly annoys me on many levels:

Dr Canavero said that the procedure could have wide-ranging implications for those who feel trapped in their own bodies, a condition he says prompts many to commit suicide. “Why not give them a chance?” he says.

Well Mr Canavero, how lovely of you to “give us a chance”! Again I reiterate, it is not being transgender that causes people to commit suicide, it is poor treatment, discrimination, stigma, lack of access to treatment and a general lack of awareness in society that leads people to feel their only option for peace is to end their lives. That and ridiculous views like this.

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