Publishing Our Story


I am not the biggest fan of the tabloids, so to agree to have a story printed took a lot of deliberation and discussion between Drew and I, as to who and what purpose it would serve.

The media have been responsible for a lot of injustice to transgender people in the past, in the way stories have been portrayed. However, we came to the conclusion that it was counter-productive to throw the baby out with the bathwater and that after seeing an increasing number of positive stories in the media regarding trans people, we would both like to add to that narrative. There is some unfortunate misuse of terms; both Drew and I cringed when we saw the phrase “sex change” in the headline.  Danielle, the journalist we spoke with, was very sensitive to transgender issues and keen to make sure she used correct terminology, which the article mostly has.  I think the headline must have been added by the Mirror, we would have asked for that to be changed had we known.  The way it is written, in typical tabloid style, reads as slightly cringe worthy and embellished with a bit of sensationalism on the side. However, despite that I think the story comes across as a positive one. We hoped that by sharing our story, it would help to counteract the negative stories out there and play a part in normalising transgender people and increasing awareness and acceptance. What we hoped to get across more than anything is that we are just two people in love, who happen to be transgender.

Full story can be found here :


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