Our Story In Take A Break Magazine


We kept this article a bit quiet after the last article in the Mirror caused some divide of opinion. We did this at the same time as we did the Mirror article earlier in the year but for some reason the article was delayed so it has only just come out. Last time I was quick to proudly share it, this time I was hesitant, but then a friend of mine shared it and it made me realise that there is no need to be ashamed.

I think the amount of negative comments we got to the Mirror article made me more apprehensive this time, and actually it wasn’t the general public’s negativity that made me concerned, I expected a lot of that. As I said after the last article, the whole point of doing it was to challenge misconceptions and improve awareness and understanding, if there wasn’t negativity to challenge then there would be no point doing it. What has made me more apprehensive is the response of some people in our community, there were some nasty comments made from people in our past about us and others expressed annoyance in saying that we shouldn’t have given the article to places such as the Mirror and Take a Break, these comment from my own community hurt more than from the general public.

I do understand what some people mean but I stand by what i said last time, having positive trans stories from people’s different experiences in the media in any format is a step in the right direction. I’m not overly happy with some of the the headlines and taglines and the amount of cheese and embellishment they feel the need to put in, but it is their nature and we worked hard with them to remove the most damaging of headlines such as “sex change” and on the whole they listened and understood. Most importantly is that the story comes across and that it might make a difference to someone’s life and to general understanding of what it means to be transgender.

I do want to move more towards more serious debate around trans issues rather than just doing real life stories. The TV interview I did last week was wonderful, it gave me a platform to talk about things other than surgery and clothing choice for a change! I aim to hopefully do more of that, but in the meantime I am happy to share my story anywhere that deals with it sensitively and come from the angle of increasing education and awareness.


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