Protecting An Arm Graft After Lower Surgery

I thought it might be helpful to share the ways in which I have been protecting my skin graft on my forearm. I originally tried a tubi grip but I found it hot and uncomfortable and have since found some much better options

Before surgery,  I bought a sleeve designed for covering tattoos, I used it to protect my skin from the sun whilst I was having laser hair removal. I initially struggled to recommend it as I got stung heavily by customs charges that I wasn’t expecting. However, I contacted the owner of the company to discuss this, and although she cannot do anything about the customs charge, she instead offered a lifetime discount code of 20% for our community to use which was such a lovely and very kind gesture. The company is Tat2X and the discount code to use is LBGT20


PicMonkey Collage.jpg

This is by far my favourite sleeve, its light and comfortable, doesnt overheat my arm and gives really good protection. I initially bought the M/L in tan but its looser than I would like and darker than I expected so I have since bought the xxs in light. Opposite is  a comparison between the two 

My forearm from wrist bone to elbow crease is 8.5″. My graft is 5.5 inches from wrist bone. I worked out that with the 6″ sleeve the sticky bit that holds the sleeve up would end up being on my scar and I didnt want that so I went with the 9″ sleeve. Its actually perfect and sits nicely on my elbow crease


DSC_0619.JPGAlternative which can be cheaper are cycling sleeves or basketball sleeves which can be found fairly cheaply on Amazon or Ebay in either full length or half sleeves. They are soft and comfortable too




A fun alternative Ive also found are tattoo patterned sleeves. I use these on nights out for a but of fun. They are not overly comfortable, the ones I have dig into my bicept and I doubt very much that they woud give any protection from the sun, but they are great for something different


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