Day 8 Of #365daysofselfcare

This Blog is part of the #365daysofselfcare challenge

IMG_20180507_190642_672I am still exhausted and feel generally off colour. Perhaps its the new thyroid medication? I’m really not sure whether its that or just my usual mood cycle but either way…urg.

I had to cancel on my best mate today and I hate doing that. I had so much difficulty yesterday outside in the heat, I think it makes my fatigue worse so when l woke today still feeling awful l knew l had to reschedule.

Unfortunately I then went into a spiral of guilt about cancelling, and then I saw all the updates about our lovely weather and went into a spiral of guilt about that too. All the should’s’ came out….l shouldn’t have cancelled….l shouldn’t be wasting this lovely sunshine, l should be outside enjoying it. I should be finishing my writing…. Oh my goodness my inner critic is LOUD today!

I Decided to compromise with myself again. I walked into town, had a coffee and wrote a little, got some supplies and then headed back home. I’m reminding myself that setting unrealistic expectations of myself is harmful and counterproductive. I’ve done what l can do, all the ‘should do’s’ can go away!


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