Day 9 Of #365daysofselfcare

This Blog is part of the #365daysofselfcare challenge

IMG_20180508_232358_796This morning I faced a long standing fear of driving. I have wanted to learn for a long time but have been too nervous for so many reasons.

I had lessons in my early 20’s but I was drinking and drugging back then and I am ashamed to admit that I was likely under the influence during those driving lessons.Additionally, my anxiety makes it really hard for me to meet new people, especially under such stressful circumstances. When I am anxious I find it very hard to concentrate and this adds even more problems in learning to drive.

To be honest, I almost called to cancel. My instructor was late and I was actually hoping that the lesson wouldn’t happen. He turned up and I was very open with him about my fears and that really helped. We took it slowly and by the end of the lesson I was much calmer. I cannot believe that finally, after years of trying, I actually made it through an hours lesson! I’ve now booked a block of lessons to keep me committed to facing this fear.

Unfortunately the rest of the day was stressful. My GP surgery yet again messed up my appointment meaning I had my testosterone shot almost 6 hours late. Rather than get stressed and lose the mornings good feeling, I instead used the time productively to vent my stress in a blog about my ongoing issues in accessing my GP surgery

I found myself craving comfort food in the evening and on this occasion, as I haven’t had Ben and Jerry’s for a while,  I decided that today’s self-care would be a ‘naughty treat’.

Everything in balance!



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