Taking Balanced Risks-Day 21 Of #365daysofselfcare

This Blog is part of the #365daysofselfcare challenge

Self-Care is knowing when to take a balanced risk

IMG_20180521_133236_068Taking risks is hard, it’s even harder when you have mental health challenges and are in recovery. I have to be so very careful to stay balanced. A lot has happened for me recently and l’m back on a fairly even keel and want to stay that way.

However, balance is a fine line between self protection and risk. I’m risking a fair bit right now. The change in career focus is massive and unknown.  And now l have met a wonderful man who has really captured my heart and of course, so much is unknown with that too.

I have missed so much in my life, l don’t want to miss any more. What is the point in worrying about what might not happen? Why decide not to do something for fear it won’t work out? Yes staying mindful is important but not to the degree that you deny yourself a life.

Self-care today, is reminding myself that as long as risks are mindful and well deliberated, there is no need to avoid them. All the wonderful things l have in my life now, came from taking mindful risks. I am ready to take a few more.


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