Being Honest About Emotions-Day 25 Of #365daysofselfcare

This Blog is part of the #365daysofselfcare challenge

Self-care is being honest about your feelings

IMG_20180525_115930_040I have had awful anxiety all day, which started last night. I have been finding it hard to stop my brain from over thinking things. I am not sure if this is new dating nerves or simply down to my low thyroid. Its frustrating to not know my emotional self very well at the moment, due to my low thyroid complicating things.

Rather than sit at home all day worrying and stressing, I made myself get out and get a fresh hair cut. This always makes me feel better and feel more confident.

My date arrived and l was honest about my anxiety. I said that l knew it had no basis, but felt l wanted to be open about the range of feelings I’m going through. Honesty is the only way, even when it means sharing your most vulnerable side. Ive learned over time that self-care means honouring and speaking your feelings, even when it is difficult as keeping them in does so much damage.



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