Finlay Games is an LGBTQ+ Writer, Creator, Speaker, and Brand ambassador. Drawing from his lived experiences, Finlay shares candidly on topics of gender, sexuality, addiction, and mental health. He hosts and creates video content on the YouTube channel ‘Finntheinfinncible’ and creates written content as ‘The Recovery Writer.’ Finlay is currently studying Psychology and Creative Writing with The Open University and is also working on writing his memoirs. On the rare occasion when he isn’t writing, Finlay can be found trekking along the coastline, geocaching for hidden treasure, or dancing in muddy fields.

Writing Services

I write inspirational, candid and informative first-hand experiences on mental health, recovery, transgender topics and sexuality. I have been published in Transaction MagazineNarratively and Anaphase Magazine.

I have a wealth of experience in academic writing, descriptive writing, and creative non-fiction. Coupled with a diverse personal experience, I have the ability to write in a way that both informs and inspires.

Media Work

My ability to share transparently and passionately, means I am ideally suited to promote brands with a strong inspirational message. I have worked with the Open University in their recent media campaign to inspire new students to enroll. I am featured in their Open Diaries series, which is being shown across various social media platforms. I am also featured in their #whatsstoppingyou campaign in a series of Channel 4 adverts.

I have six years experience of creating videos for my YouTube channel and I have also acted in various student and amateur films. I am therefore comfortable in front of a camera and understand how to take direction.

Public speaking

I have spoken in schools on the topic of LGBT issues and at awareness events such as LGBT History month, on my experience of being transgender. I have also spoken at workplace conferences on topics of addiction. I presented a talk on transgender inclusion in recovery spaces for The Lifeline Project. Most recently, I took part in a number of radio interviews as an Open University student ambassador for mental health awareness day, on the topic of mental health and flexibility.

Contact me

If you would like to work with me or discuss a project idea I would love to hear from you. Please contact me with your details and we can discuss how we could best work together. You can also, if you prefer, connect with me on Linkedin.

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Finlay Games is the founder of The Recovery Writer and the host of Finntheinfinncible. He is a freelance writer and speaker for hire, who advocates, informs and inspires on topics of mental health, recovery, gender transition, and sexuality.